Spitball! Episode 27 - Week 4 2013 Season

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  • Song Name: Spitball! Episode 27 - Week 4 2013 Season
  • Artist: Spitball!
  • Album: ©2013 BallHawk's Nest
  • Year: 2013

'This week I am joined by Marcus Henson from a not so sunny Plymouth where the downpour is like Niagara Falls and there is more wind than a warthog! So apologies for the sound quality this week. Join us as we dissect week four including the poor performance of the Falcons and we answer your questions including who is better, Dolphins or Patriots?'

This episode was Presented by Adri "Ballhawk" Mallows & Marcus "Innuendo" Henson
& was edited by Spamhead Productions.

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